Willz Plumbing, your Fast and Friendly, Insurance Approved & Licensed Plumbers in Brackenfell, Cape Town offers the following plumbing services:

We are PIRB licensed plumbers who are experts in Domestic and Commercial Plumbing Maintenance in Brackenfell & Cape Town Northern Suburbs, Western Cape, all with the intent of meeting the customer’s needs on a budget.

Water Meters

Willz Plumbing are specialists in the installation of Water Meters such as Prepaid Water Meters, Smart Ultrasonic Water Meters (Kamstrup) for sub-metering, as well as Bulk Water Meters for Residential Complexes, Commercial & Industrial Properties. As an Authorised Installer of Metro Prepaid Meters we quaranty SANS compliant installations to ensure the most Accurate Readings and longer Life Span of your Water Management Investment.

Willz Plumbing Guarantees:

  • Timely arrival, keeping the client informed about any delays
  • Explanation of the problem and how we intend to fix it
  • All properties are treated with respect
  • Honest prices are charged
  • All replaced and removed parts are provided
  • Willz Plumbing is registered with the City of Cape Town and the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) to issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) of water installation on transfer of ownership in accordance with the water by-law.

Water Leak Detection
We locate Water Leaks with Acoustic & Thermal Imaging Equipment...
Rain Water Harvesting & Grey Water Systems
One millimeter of rain = 1 liter of water...
GeyserWise Installations
For use in pumped solar water heating systems and normal electric geysers...
Smart Water Meter Installations
Water meter installations, bulk water meters and sub metering for multi unit dwellings...
Water Audits
A Water Audit is an important step towards understanding...
Plumbing COC Inspections
COC for your Property Transfer
Our Qualified & Licensed Plumbers will assist you with the following:
  • Geyser Installations & Repairs
  • Repair or replace Burst Pipes
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Unblocking of Drains
  • Installation of Sanitary Ware
  • Leaking Taps
  • Storm water installations and repairs
  • Water meter installations, prepaid as well as smart meters
  • GeyserWise Energy Control Systems Supplier and Installers
  • Rain Water Harvesting (Nel, Roto and Eco Tanks)
  • Grey Water Installations (Ecogator)
  • …and much more
Call Willie: 072 968 9333 – Cape Town – Northern Suburbs
Christa: 082 790 1852

Call Willz Plumbing: 072 968 9333

Tip: If you find that your Electric Geyser is taking longer to bring water to the required temperature than it used to, the heating element inside the tank may have burned out. When you replace the element it is also the ideal time to flush the geyser through the drain valve to remove accumulated sediment.

Geyser Inspection – Crucial but overlooked

Contact Willz Plumbing for the plumbing solutions that will keep your plumbing happy and healthy at an affordable price.


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