Water Meter Installations - Bulk Water Meters & Sub-Metering

Energy Management is a popular and growing practice among Property Managers in the Western Cape managing large buildings, factories, shopping centres and other complex facilities.

Retrofit your building with a sub-metering solution and enjoy complete control over utility expenses.

Let's do an assessment of your multi tenant property and provide you with a quotation to install sub water meters for each unit. In conjunction with Utility Managers we will advise you on the best metering solution for your property, enabling you to bill tenants for individual measured water usage.

Prepaid Water Meters

Willz Plumbing is an Authorised Installer of Utility Systems, a Prepaid Water Meter for Metro Prepaid.

Metro prepaid water meter with keypad

Metro Prepaid supplies re-charge tokens for the prepaid meters to tenants through a network of thousands of service points country-wide.

The money collected by Metro Prepaid from the sale of tokens are repaid to the property owner once a month via EFT. In this way the cost of water consumed by the tenants is recovered by the owners, who then use the funds to pay their water bill with the municipality.

What are the advantages of Prepaid Water Meters to Landlords?

  • Easy control of water bills
  • Reduced administration and risk
  • Option to set your tariff so that tenants pay the Metro Prepaid service fee
  • Improved cash flow, as water used through the meter is paid back to the owner

Combination Meters (Bulk Meter) for Better Water Management

The key feature of cCombination water meterombination meters is the ability to accurately measure high as well as low flow rates. This is the ideal meter for bulk consumers with high water demand at fire hydrants and low water demand at office basins or kitchens.

Call us for the best advise before installing new water meters or replacing existing / faulty meters. By installing the correct type of water meter you will be able to manage water consumption more accurately while keeping it cost effective.

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