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Willz Plumbing provides a ONE STOP Plumbing, Electrical & Beetle Inspection service for Certificates of Compliance.

The City of Cape Town has gazetted a new property sales by-law that is now in effect. Just like the Electrical Certificate of Compliance, a Plumbing COC is now Compulsory when a property is being sold.

A Plumbing COC must now be obtained and submitted to the City Council Upon the transfer of a property to the new owner. This applies to domestic, commercial and industrial properties and includes sectional title units.

Willz Plumbing is suitably qualified and registered to complete such an inspection and issue the COC  that the conveyancer will then submit to the City of Cape Town.

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What does a Plumbing CoC entail?

So you need a Plumbing CoC as you are selling your house?

What will the plumber be looking for during such an inspection? Many people have the misconception that this CoC guarantees that all the plumbing fixtures inside the house and even underground sewer pipes are in good working order, but for the City of Cape Town’s Plumbing CoC the plumber will only certify the following points in accordance with the Water Services By-Law (Section 14 (1) & Wastewater and Industrial Effluent By-Law Section 2 (2) (a):

  • The Hot Water Cylinder Installation complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254. (Unfortunately most geyser installations do not.)
  • The water pipes in the plumbing installation (especially within the roof space) are properly saddled as per SANS 10252.
  • The Water Meter records the flow when water is drawn, and does not register when consumption stops.
  • The private Isolating Valve (stop valve) is in place and functioning. (This is usually the stop valve at the water meter but on your side of the meter.)
  • Non of the terminal water fittings leak and they are correctly fixed in position. (These are fittings on the water supply pipes and not on waste pipes like the waste trap under the sink, or the waste pipe at the back of the toilet.)
  • No Storm Water is discharged into the sewerage system. (Rain Water Gutters and Downpipes should not discharge into a gully of the sewer system.)
  • There is no cross connection between potable supply and any alternate supply.

Once the above points are all in order, an official Plumbing Certificate of the City of Cape Town will be signed and issued by the Plumber.

Only Plumbers registered with the City of Cape Town may issue these CoC’s.

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