GeyserWise Installations


Geyserwise Max and Geyserwise TSE Energy Control Systems for use in pumped solar water heating systems and normal electrical geysers.

Use as a geyser timer. Includes many features like:

· Clear display of water temperature, time, day,

· Auto or manual heating.

· Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30 - 65?C)

· Four different temperature settings.

· Daily programmable timer with four time settings.

· Error conditions alert by warning code E1 to E7.

· Electronic thermostat with mechanical thermal cut-out at 90?C.

Use as timer on a thermosyphon solar system

Use as timer and differential control on pumped solar system

Willz Plumbing is an Authorised Installer for Geyserwise systems in Cape Town Northern Suburbs

Call Willz Plumbing for your Geyserwise Installation: 072 968 9333

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